Shri Ranjeet Deshmukh


Bhausaheb Bhoge

Founder Secretary

Dr. Usha Radke


It gives me great pleasure to know that our college is bringing out its e-magazine, the 2019 edition of Amalgam.

Magazine exemplifies the spirit and the intellect of an institute and its constituents. A venture like this is emphatically designed at providing an apt platform to the young minds to showcase their ingenious talents and affirmative abilities. The contents of this magazine reflect the overall development of the college, not only in academics but also, its intellectual and literary pursuits. I am happy to see Amalgam as a mirror that reflects the creativity, determination, perseverance and hard work of VSPM DCRC family amalgamated beautifully together. I am sure this magazine is a memorable collage of reminiscences, experiences, views and important events this year from the students and faculty.

I extend my words of appreciation to the editorial board and the students who have worked hard for this creative venture. My best wishes are with each one of you to keep learning, keep rising and keep expressing beyond what you already know and make a difference to this world.

I wish the magazine and the institute a huge success.

It gives me great pleasure to bring out the 6th edition of Amalgam. I am very proud to see that this year’s edition has done especially well with the innovative idea of the Campus Photography Competition, which boasts an interactive interface!

The college has always been of the opinion, that all-round development is of the utmost importance in order to be not just a good clinician, but also a good, successful person.

Amalgam seeks to inculcate these very values into the students of VSPM and hopes that the following years see more feathers being added to the already heavy-laden cap of Amalgam.

Dr. S. R. Shenoi

Vice Dean