Batch D or Batch Dddddd
Not really bragging, but yes we are the most famous batch of all batches. Our batch is a mixture of extremists. While some people are famous for their punctuality, some cannot help but procrastinate. The batch that made up most of the core committee for the annual fest this year, Batch D likes to be in the public eye, whether it’s for sincerity, extracurriculars or mischief. We don’t have to worry about most things because of our President, Mr. Aayush Jain, who’s always there for his batch whenever we need him And without a doubt, the most fun person to be around, the life of BATCH D, while Dr. Laxmikant Hedau, as famous as he is in college, never gets done with his lame jokes but also gives us the most number of treats in the canteen whenever we want! Most people get confused between Namrata and Priyanka because of their similar appearances and without a doubt, both of them have a heart of gold. While Mayur is known for his sincerity and dedication towards his profession, he also never takes a step back when it comes to helping his friends. Although it’s a rare sight to see Mrudul coming to college 3 days in a row, he never fails to entertain us with his exceptional vocal skills and his sense of humor. Lastly, Jagriti has the loudest laugh, is outspoken, always the photographer of the batch and comes to her batch’s recuse when it comes to research and public speaking. No matter how different we are from each other, together we make a great team and unlike most other batches, we can say- WE LOVE OUR BATCH.

Karan Jaiswal – #JUGAADU
Ankita Kale- faith
Bela Khobragade-Paint the World
Esha Jaiswal – Inaayat
Sanjeevani Kamdi-Undercovered wizard
Bhavika Keswani-Voyager

Disha Kothari-Cutest chatterbox and kindest soul.
Gayatri Khode-Boss lady.
Ria Lalwani-Beauty with brains.
Neha Lanje-The smartest dumber.
Isha Madne-Beauiful soul with big heart.
Anushri Mandal-Artistic hands and caring heart.

Ashlesha- food is everything for her n who is always ready to work, Superfast and chill
personality, dependable sometimes, foody but not moody, always do the work at last moment,
helpful nature
Priyanka- always hopeful, positive and yes you are the best version of yourself. Always helpful n chai partner. Always enthusiastic personality, trustworthy, and if she likes the work she gives 100 percent till it complete
Gargee- fun loving, all-rounder, creative, happy go lucky girl, bubbly, most irritating but very
cute girl, Sincere, sweet, cute and music lover, every little thing she do it with perfection and lit… love the way she is
Meenal Pande- chai lover, short tempered girl with a thoughtful brain, Thoughtful girl, the
encyclopaedia, she knows what are her responsibilities and perform it well.
Ashwini – alarm clock of our group…always on time, irritating but always caring, she I
dedicated towards work, ambitious, Punctual
Swati-carefree girl…with quality sense of humour, sarcastic but always sweet, witty, Humour but
innocent at heart, always late but complete the things the work at her level best, secret keeper

Sakshi Pathak- Fearless,Free-spoken
Rucha Saoji- Creative Mind
Saivi Datar- Early Bird, Punctual
Amisha Saoji- Simple like Quantum Physics
Apoorva Salve- Surprise Bomb, Happy-go-lucky
Sana Khwaja- Bubbly, Charming, Laughs at absolutely anything

Someone has rightly said that time once gone cannot be asked for again, no matter how much you desire…And I sure J batch participants would surely agree to this as we have had the most hilarious and weird times together…
I personally was worried as to how I would survive among such variety of personalities!!
Farheen seemed to be a complete introvert, shy but we really got to know her true colors. Her drama, rage and fake emotional outbursts entertained everyone. Yet ever ready to help you with your doubts. Aditi Sharma was the communicator of our batch. One got to know about all the hot news of the College, people, and hostel. Her excellent skills in building rapport with known and unknown people were admirable.
Coming to the heroine of our batch, Ms. Mohini Solanki. She was ever busy on her phone, stalking latest makeup brands, jewelry, and clothes.
Our batch had a serious hard worker too, Jay aka Jay sir. Sir was initially a bit low as he was down with Dengue but later on his extreme skills of” Jugaad” awestruck everyone. Last but not the least, Jasmeet, the Punjabi kudi, known for her strong sense of humor and talent of creating taglines for one and all. Her love for animals was known by all.
This was our batch of talents where infinite madness and endless fights seem to remain imbibed in everyone’s heart as we part away from each other.

Harsha – Visionary
Parul – Shibu
Prashasti – Obliging
Prashasti – Agile
Zoya – Bouyant