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Raghav Munje Taylor Swift - Style Remix by R4GH4V

Dr. Apurva Khator- Singing

Anushri Verma- Rap

My journey towards the unexplored section of music

I remember I was in 8th grade when I
heard pop & hip-hop genre for the
first time. I wasn’t quite sure what I
was listening to at that time, but as
time passed, I found myself
mumbling to the words of the song
“Not Afraid” by Eminem. I hadn’t quite
grasped the concept of rapping at the
moment, but I knew in my heart this
was what I wanted to sing on a stage
in front of an audience one day.
Rap is a musical form of vocal
delivery which incorporates rhyme

and rhythmic speech. This was
what attracted me towards rap in
the first place. I found it challenging
to keep up with the rhythm of the
song and save breath for the next
words, but challenges were what
excited me the most.

The first time I performed in front of
people were my family members.
The most important was the support
I got from my cousins who
encouraged me to take this to a
new level and perform in my

During a rap battle or a
performance, the only thing a
rapper needs are breath control and
proper deliverance of words.
Personally, I had some troubles with

these things at first, but as you
know, practice makes a man

Rap music used to be my hideout
from the world, and it still is. People
think rap is just a person mumbling
some words. But if you listen
closely, those words actually have
deep meanings behind them. Rap is
a way to express my feelings and
this is where I got the inspiration to
start rapping. There is a time in
everyone’s life where they stand in
front of their mirror and sing. Yes, I
did it too, but I did not do it for fun. It
helped me cope with my feelings
and inner struggles and boosted
positivity inside me.

Rap is what I run towards when I
am facing any struggles. No music
except rap has the perfect words,
rhyme and beats to lift up my mood
and I guess that is why I relate to it
so much.

People have down looked rap a lot
and I think it needs to change.
Parents want their child to learn
classical singing and most of the
time they don’t support the
Hollywood side of music. But that’s
what needs to change. I brought
this change in my own home and
believe that this change needs to be
brought worldwide. Why aren’t there
rap battle shows on tv? Why aren’t
there Hollywood singing shows on
tv? The few that are there, don’t
even get the proper recognition that

it needs. Rap doesn’t necessarily
means mumbling words, but it
means expressing yourself in a way
that few people do.

My journey wasn’t all rainbows and
sunshine. I had some people in my
life who didn’t support my dreams
and didn’t allow me to pursue music
as a profession because music
industry wasn’t made for girl
rappers. But now that I look back,
these were small obstacles that
made me even stronger and more
confident when I first performed in
front of an audience on stage. As
they say, “showing them is better
than telling them”, so the people
who didn’t support me actually saw
what I was worth and the talent I
had. I want to showcase my talent

on various platforms because other
than studies I think I am meant for

Honestly, I don’t think there are any
obstacles that stops you from
pursuing your dreams or hobbies.
Only thing required, is that you stay
strong enough to focus on your
talent and make sure people see
through you.

Niharika Patil

Participation in sportswoman area for amalgam 2019

Jagriti Kedia

Dentist by profession but a writer at heart. Ever since I used to read Harry Potter books as a kid, I knew I wanted to be able to write something on my own. I found out that I was passionate about it and started working as a freelance content writer for several companies and was lucky enough to be able to express my words and social media managing skills through a digital magazine named Wide Awake. Being able to express myself through words makes me feel alive. It inspires me.

Dr. Devendra Nagpal

A quick tip: Rule of thirds and negative space in composing photographs

The rule of thirds involves mentally dividing up your image using 2 horizontal lines and 2
vertical lines, as shown below. You then position the important elements/ subject in your scene along those lines, or at the points where they meet. Its gives a more pleasing effect to most photographs. Also, leaving negative (blank) space in the direction, the subject is looking helps draw the attention of the viewer to the subject in the photograph.

Apoorva Salve


Literature,for me,has always been fascinating which led me to compose my own poems. I have always been an avid reader since childhood. I first wrote one poem when I was 10. My grandpa encouraged me to continue that. And here I am with over 150 poems of my own.
I needed a digital platform to put forth my words in front of the world. Hence I created a blog named “SMITTEN BY WORDS”. I pursue it as my hobby which gives immense peace to my mind. You can visit my website at www.smittenbywords.com

Mrunali Dahikar- Modeling

Modeling has always been my passion. My inclination towards the modeling career increased after my cameo in short films during my teenage. Dentistry is my profession while modeling is my passion. I believe in following your dreams no matter how difficult it becomes to achieve. I grabbed all the opportunities that paved my way and after my cameo, I finally moved into the competitive fashion world. Success did grab my hands and I became the finalist in Ms. Vidarbh finale. I was then invited as a judge in an annual cultural gathering at Nagpur Institute of Technology. Recently, I was awarded as Ms. Best Ramp at Maharashtra Times Shrawan Queen 2019. My aim is to serve people as a skillful dentist but my definite ambition is to be a great model…