Welcome to Amalgam 2019

AMALGAM is one of the most widely used dental restorative material is an amalgamation of different metals enhancing its strength, durability and various other properties. Similarly, this magazine displays a perfect blend of various strengths and perspectives of the students of VSPM.

AMALGAM forms the best platform for the students to showcase their talent and record it. May it be literature, photography, arts or academics, the students of VSPM are always at the forefront.

 This year’s feature article is ‘Super Dads of VSPM’. We broadcast the lives of various male staff members who, according to us, are nothing short of Super-Heroes, just without capes. It’s often come to notice how working women manage both their household and work and are appreciated for that, but somehow men tend to be less recognized. They work tirelessly to take care of their little household, provide their little ones with the best resources, their clinics AND their academic duties in college. Find out the secret to their success in the feature article!

This year’s theme for Amalgam is ‘Diversity’. Just like every color in a rainbow signifies diverse aspects of nature, similarly different members of our VSPM family, radiate their vibrant colors in different fields other than dentistry.